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We remain steadfast creating solutions for life to continue

We have faced a delicate and worrying moment. We are all mobilized to take care of people and protect our country from the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus! We take steps to ensure a safe environment for our employees and their families, but we also focus our efforts on maintaining production and fulfilling our mission so important in the production chain of the various sectors we serve.

We know it will be a sensitive period, but we also know that together we will come out of it successfully and have an even better country!



Aware of this responsibility, we reinforce that, we will not give up caring for our colleagues who are working inside our factories. We are being strict and taking great care to protect these professionals. Zeal, care, is every day, every moment, in any situation. We list here the measures that have already been implemented and monitored by us:

  1. Demarcation of areas of great circulation to guarantee a distance of 1.5 meters between people.
  2. Measurement of body temperature for access to the company.
  3. Prioritization of video meetings, Skype, teams.
  4. Suspension of events and face-to-face meetings.
  5. In possible activities, work in the home office to reduce the number of people inside the factory, guidance for hand hygiene.
  6. No restaurante:
    • Cutlery and napkin packaging to avoid contact.
    • Extension of lunch hours.
    • Food served by restaurant staff to avoid shared contact with utensils.
    • Prohibition of chairs to increase the distance between people.
    • Snack Kit to have another, faster meal option, reducing the time spent in the restaurant.
  7. Strong awareness communication campaign in Belgo’s various internal vehicles (DDSs, TV, Bel, e-mail, poster, linked).
  8. And more recently, the granting of vacation leave to employees, where possible.
  9. Release of shorts, for freedom to travel by bicycle, walking or running.
  10. Free parking spaces to avoid the use of public transportation.
  11. Allowance (fuel allowance) for employees who are going to work with their own vehicle, in units that do not have the option of chartered transport.
  12. Partnership in large stores to purchase discounted sporting goods (eg Centauro, Netshoes).



28/03 – Communicated to our customers
Published on our social networks and sent to all customers

06/04 – Belgo Bekaert and Ortobom donate mattresses to Field Hospital at Expominas
News released on 04/14 in the State of Minas

State of Minas Gerais public action of Belgo Bekaert

Belgo Bekaert makes its contribution to strengthening the health system for the care of victims of the new coronavirus in Minas Gerais. The company donated 200 mattresses to the field hospital that is being set up at the Expominas Exhibition Center, in Gameleira, in Belo Horizonte. Belgo is attentive to the needs of the population and is part of the chain of good that helps in the treatment of infected people

At the field hospital, mattresses serve more than 25% of the 768 available beds. The donation is the result of a partnership with Ortobom, a manufacturer that uses Belgo wires to make the mattresses, which are now used to equip the health structure.

The expectation is that the hospital will start operating by the end of April, which will help to prevent the worsening of cases and also save lives. For Belgo, which has social responsibility as one of its pillars, every life matters.

06/04 – Belgo Bekaert distributes food kits to truck drivers who pass through all units
Distribution started from 04/04

Belgo believes and values the essential role that truck drivers play in supplying the country and that take care of the transportation of products in the midst of the crisis. For this reason, all truck drivers who arrive at Belgo Bekaert units will receive a food kit, with this gesture, they are recognizing and supporting the work of these professionals, making their trips healthier and more comfortable.

04/13 – Belgo Bekaert, ArcelorMittal, FCA and SENAI performs maintenance on respirators at the health units in MG!
30 respirators repaired in two days and 52 more to go!

A maintenance team is working and working in the Innovation and Technology center of SENAI-MG to maintain many respirators in the health units in MG that were defective and at that moment will need to support the mobilization of COVID-19 and save lives!
of the entire team 7 colleagues are from Belgo Bekaert and our thanks to each one of them!
We are # ZeroCornaVirus

04/14 – Donation of 3 tons of plasticized wire from Belgo Bekaert will be an input for the production of 5 million protective masks!
MG prisons will make the masks

Belgo Bekaert donates 3 tons of plasticized wires to SEJUSP – Secretary of State for Public Security, so that prisoners make about 5 million disposable masks, 22 thousand of which are daily.

The Masks will be for the protection of state professionals who are so important at the moment, such as Civil Police, Military Police and Fire Department

28/4 – Belgo Bekaert and ArcelorMittal in the Solidariedade S / A of Jornal Nacional
Article shown on April 28 in the Jornal Nacional

Visualize aqui o vídeo que foi ao ar no quadro Solidariedade S/A

The steelmaker ArcelorMittal Brasil with the support of Belgo Bekaert carried out several actions to combat COVID-19. A total of R $ 19 million was allocated to tackle the new coronavirus pandemic. Of this total, R $ 500 thousand will be used in the recovery of respirators that were stopped in hospitals, this is one of the actions carried out in partnership with Belgo Bekaert Arames and Senai de Minas Gerais.


06/05 – Hygiene kits are donated to needy institutions
645 Hygienic kit distributed by Belgo Bekaert employees

This action came from a Belgo Bekaert Innovation challenge, where employees suggested several actions that could be taken to combat the new CoronaVirus. This is one of the ideas that have been implemented, including with the support of employees from various units that operate. the 645 hygiene kits were donated to institutions that serve the needy population of the municipalities where the company operates, such as Feira de Santana in Bahia, Contagem, Itaúna and Vespasiano in Minas Gerais, Osasco and Sumaré in São Paulo. Belgo Bekaert’s commitment is to continue with actions that allow life to continue !!


08/05 – Basic baskets are donated to children from the Esporte Cidadão project
114 baskets are provided

The families of the beneficiaries of the Centro de Excelência no Esporte project, in Contagem, received basic baskets donated by Belgo Bekaert, sponsor of the nucleus in the city. The action took place in partnership with the Brazilian Institute of Excellence in Sport Culture (IBEEC) and the Virgílio de Melo Fraco Municipal School, which made the transfer to those in a situation of social vulnerability.
With the help of E. M Virgílio de Melo Franco, the families most in need were indicated to receive the basket by IBEEC. “The vast majority of students served by us are needy. The school knows the students’ family reality and it is for us that they have access to the sport. At this moment, every donation is of fundamental importance to them.”, Said Celeste Pessoa, deputy director of the School.
In all, 114 baskets were donated and delivered to registered beneficiaries. In addition to food, each family also received a printed newsletter about the care needed to contain Covid-19. The action aims to minimize the impacts of the crisis generated by facing the pandemic.
“This is an important social contribution, given that many parents of assisted young people are autonomous and are not working during social isolation. We are attentive to the needs of the population and encourage society and other companies to participate in this chain of good”, says Ricardo Garcia, CEO of Belgo Bekaert.

The project in Vila São Paulo, in Contagem, is an initiative of the Brazilian Institute of Excellence in Sports Culture (IBEEC) with sponsorship from ArcelorMittal and Belgo Bekaert Arames through the State Sports Incentive Law.

08/07 – Belgo Bekaert donates FaceShieds masks
7 thousand masks are donated in various regions of the country

And Belgo Bekaert doesn’t stop! We managed to complete several actions since the COVID-19 pandemic, adding a total of 150 respirators recovered and ready to support the fight against COVID. And now, recently, the donation of 7 thousand face shield masks to institutions and public bodies in six municipalities in Bahia, São Paulo and Minas Gerais.
In Bahia, the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional People (Apae) in Feira de Santana benefited from 1,000 masks. In the State of São Paulo, 1,000 face shields were delivered to the Municipal Health Fund of Osasco, in the metropolitan region, and another 1,000 to the Municipality of Sumaré, in the interior.

In Contagem (MG) the donation went to the Hospital Foundation of the State of Minas Gerais (Fhemig), and in Sabará (MG), the Padre Lázaro Emergency Care Unit (UPA) was benefited with 330 masks, the same amount destined for the Home of the Elderly José Verçosa Júnior. Abrigo Irmã Tereza, in the same city, received 340 face shields.

In the municipality of Vespasiano, also in Minas Gerais, Belgo Bekaert donated 800 face shields to the Social Action of the Vespasiano Parish (Aspav) and another 200 to the Municipal Department of Education.

About Coronavirus


What is Coronavirus?


Coronavirus is a family of viruses that cause respiratory infections. The new coronavirus agent was discovered on 12/31/19 after cases registered in China. It causes the disease called coronavirus (COVID-19).

Picture can range from mild to moderate, similar to a cold.

Researchers are still studying the new variation of the virus and how easily it spreads.


How does transmission occur?

Transmission occurs from one sick person to another or by close contact, through:

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[smartslider3 slider=6]

What are the symptoms?

The most common symptoms are fever and cough or difficulty breathing.


Prevent yourself!

Care, in case of suspicious cases, is similar to that adopted to prevent flu:
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