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Tig Belgo®


TIG welding rods for carbon steel and low-alloy steel are suitable for thin steel sheet welding (piping welding in general) and root pass welding in thick steel plate (heavy machinery, pressure vessels, welded structures, shipbuilding, etc.)


* Made from high-purity steel, they undergo a rigorous chemical analysis process, which guarantees its excellent properties
* TIG rods meet international standards and are FBTS certified, which speaks for their high quality level
* Excellent results in piping root pass welding


TIG welding

Specifications and Materials

Tig Belgo®
Diâmetros disponíveis (mm) 1,60 2,00 2,50 3,25 4,00 4,80
Tolerância (mm) -0,04/+0,01 -0,07 / +0,01
Comprimento da vareta (mm) 1020
Gravação As varetas podem ser gravadas em apenas uma extremidade ou em ambas – especificar no pedido de compras.
Embalagem Caixa de papelão com 30kg: 3 sacos plásticos com 10kg cada.
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