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In order to safeguard the interests of all and to encourage the development of a positive environment based on respect for people and coexistence rules, participation in this channel is subject to the satisfactory compliance with the rules set out bellow, which are based on respect for people, morality, good practices, good faith, and legal compliance.
Thus, comments or any other type of published content will not be accepted if they fall into any of the following situations:
1) Display illegal, harmful, pornographic, threatening, libelous, disrespectful, unfounded, false, law-breaking, defamatory or discriminatory content of any kind;
2) Repetitive comments or information that may violate the rights of third parties;
3) Nonconformity with society’s moral values and/or any manner otherwise than permitted by this Term of Service;
4) Bearing moral or material risk of harming the reputation, image or honor of others;
5) Violating privacy of others;
6) Exposing data from users of this social network, and/or third parties;
7) Offering, exchanging, making available, diffusing, distributing or disclosing photographs, videos or any other media that contains pornographic content involving children or adolescents;
8) Incitement to violence of any kind;
9) Containing links (web addresses) that redirect to third-party websites with content that violates the rules of these terms of service;
10) Infringement of patent, trademark, trade secret, industrial property or copyright protection as to setting unfair competition, or other guaranteed rights and crimes described in the Industrial Property Act (9,279 / 96) and the Copyright Act ( 9,610 / 98);
11) Any type of advertisement (promotions, campaigns, junk mail, unauthorized messages, chain letters or any other form of unauthorized product or service offering) for the personal benefit of third parties;
12) Production, supply, distribution, sale or free offer of devices or software in order to allow the invasion of a third-party computing device that is connected or not to the network by unauthorized breach of security mechanism, aiming to obtain, tamper with or destroy data or information without the express authorization of the device owner or to install vulnerabilities to gain any illicit advantage;
13) Production, offer, distribution, sale or diffusion of devices with software in order to interrupt telematic service or public utility information, or that prevent or hinder its reestablishment;
14) Elements that may intentionally interfere with the functionality of the fan page or message box, including, but not limited to, the publication of irrelevant or repeated content through flooding techniques, such as overflow of messages and news bombardment;

15) Anonymous texts, of doubtful authenticity or authorship false attribution;
16) Content that convey hoaxes, distorted or edited messages;
17) Content that reproduce, in full or in part, information disclosed in other media without citing the source;
18) Infringement of the rules of regulatory governmental entities;
19) Political party views or anything that constitute political propaganda or even information from discussion groups, such as chain letters and large-scale messaging;
20) Any content that configures the practice of online “trolling” within the ethical limits of the network;
21) Containing information or attitudes that may be framed as misdemeanor, crime, or incitement to criminal practice;
22) Publications of an aggressive, hostile, or intolerant nature that demerit the fan page point-of-view.
The moderators of content profiles, social networks and website reserve the right to ban or suspend and remove users or contents that infringe these Terms of Service without prior or later notice.
Incidents not provided for in these Terms of Service will be individually reviewed by the moderators.
These terms and conditions may be changed at any time without prior notice. Users of this social network or website must stay up to date by individual access to this website, where the latest version of the Terms of Service is posted.
All material posted by users, as well as their personal opinions expressed on this page, are the sole responsibility of the person from where such content is originated and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Belgo Bekaert on the topics under discussion. Belgo Bekaert is not responsible for User Content.
Our moderators are always alert and doing their best to ensure the quality of the content uploaded to this page. However, if you notice any inappropriate content or material that violates the rules of this community, you are welcome to use our spam notification tools.
Our official contact channel is by email: belgobekaert@belgobekaert.com.br, or please the “Contact Us” link on our website: https://belgobekaert.com.br.

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