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Belgo Malha Talude


MT mesh constitute a system that can be set up for boulder detachment control (it forms a uniform membrane that will act to control the trajectory of eventual slipping stones. This high-strength metallic “curtain” or “sheet “causes slipping stones or blocks to be conducted to the base of the slope as an accumulation “pocket”) and/or for the stabilization of slopes (with the marked presence of anchors distributed over the face of the slope, basing itself on the soil nailing (soil stapling), technique, associated to the isotropic membrane (MT), which acts along in conjunction with the rods and reinforcing steel cables.


* Low environmental impact solution
* 100% draining solution
* Ability to absorb deformation
* Isotropic meshes: due to the geometry of MT meshes, they have an isotropic mechanical behavior, that is, they have the same resistance in both horizontal and vertical axes. There are rhomboidal meshes available for sale, and their horizontal and vertical resistances differ, which can imply faults depending on the stress to which the mesh is subjected.


Slope protection

Specifications and Materials

Belgo Malha Talude
Modelos de Malha Talude MT 6000 MT 12000 MT 15000
Características da malha
Comportamento mecânico Isotrópico
Resistência à tração da malha no eixo vertical (kgf/m) 6000 12000 15000
Resistência à tração da malha no eixo horizontal (kgf/m) 6000 12000 15000
Abertura nominal da malha ou quadro unitário (mm) 75
Borda da malha Duplo nó reforçado
Características do arame
Diâmetro nominal (mm) 3.2 4.5 5.1
Área da seção transversal (mm2 ) 8.04 15.90 20.42
Resistência à tração na ruptura (N/mm2 ) 880 (tolerância ± 7,5%)
Camada de galvanização
Gramatura mínima (g/m2 )  150
Composição Liga bimetálica Zn+Al (Bezinal® 2000)
Características do rolo
Largura do rolo (m) 3,5* 3,0* 2,5*
Comprimento do rolo (m) 25* 20* 20*
Peso por unidade de área (kg/m2 ) 1.80 3.50 4.78
Peso aproximado do rolo (kg) 157 210 239
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