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Belgo Protec®: Conveyor Belt Protection Modules


Modules with width of 1500 mm and varying heights + posts in galvanized steel, coated in polyester through electrostatic painting.


Mesh suitable for NR12
* High mechanical resistance and service life.
* Easy installation: modular system with panels, posts and fixing accessories;
* Transparency:
– facilitates visual inspection.
– facilitates periodic maintenance of the belt and components.
– allows checking the need for cleaning when there is an accumulation of material that generates dead weight (and that can compromise the structure). * The wire product allows cuts, folds and adaptations in the field.
* Dimensions and low weight ensure good ergonomics, quick installation and easy removal,
decreasing the time to stop the belt.


Protection for Conveyor Belts and Machines and Equipment (NR 12)

Specifications and Materials

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