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Malha Fortificação (MFI)


Malha Forticificação is a mesh woven with special galvanized coated wire that features greater burst load per square meter. This mesh, along with the accessories and installation equipment, configures a retention system designed to avoid minor rockfalls from rocky slopes. Roll Width: 2.5m; Roll length: 25 m. Galvanized or Bezinal finish


* Increased safety compared to common chain link fences;
* It can be manufactured with galvanized or Bezinal finish, with greater corrosion resistance.
* Compared to electro-welded meshes, it provides greater flexibility in the fortification of underground tunnels as a retention system element.


Reinforcement wire meshes

Specifications and Materials

Malha Fortificação (MFI)
MFI 3500 – 75 MFI 3500 – 100
Abertura da malha 75 +/- 7 mm 100 +/- 7 mm
Diâmetro do arame 3,76 +/- 0,10 mm 4,13 +/- 0,10 mm
Peso aproximado 2,5 kg/m2 2,3 kg/m2
Carga mínima de ruptura do arame 9300 N 11800 N
Gramatura mínima de Zn 90 g/m2 90 g/m2
Resistência ao puncionamento 3500 kg/m2 3500 kg/m2
Largura do rolo 2,5 m
Comprimento do rolo 25 m
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