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A Belgo Bekaert Arames

State of the art technology, high quality, constant evolution and reliability. These are the pillars that make Belgo Bekaert Wires a leader and reference in the Brazilian wire manufacturing market with over 20 years of history.

A company born out of the combination of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel group in 61 countries, and Bekaert, the world’s largest wire producer with a presence in over 120 countries, Belgo specializes in quality wire and offers a mix. of products including:

  • Barbed wire
  • Smooth wire
  • Galvanized wire
  • Fence wire
  • Fences ready
  • Electric fence
  • Hexagon screens
  • Building masonry reinforcement
  • Prestressed Concrete Wire and Cable
  • Contentions / Gabions
  • Fasteners
  • Among other excellence products

Belgo Bekaert Arames operates in the Agribusiness, Fencing, Building, Automotive, Welding, Special Applications and Oil Industry segments, maintaining competitive technology and sustainability at each stage of its production to ensure the maximum business performance of its customers.

Belgo Bekaert Wires currently has 7 units, responsible for offering innovative solutions in the wire and other derivatives market, located in Contagem and Sabará, in Minas Gerais; Osasco, in São Paulo; and in Feira de Santana, in Bahia.


Belgo Mineira Bekaert, belonging to the same group and responsible for offering innovative solutions in the steel wire and bead wire market, has 3 units located in Itaúna and Vespasiano, in Minas Gerais; and Sumaré, in São Paulo.

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